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“Very good job you guys are doing. Keep it up. Many prayers you are getting. With best wishes.”

Irfan Pathan – International Cricketer

“Kids look very happy and active. Can see a big change in their behaviour in last two years. Teachers are taking good care of them. Wish them good luck”

Mrs. Archana Pande – President L&T Ladies Welfare Asssociation Vadodara

“It was a great privilege to visit your school/day program. I feel elated and proud knowing that these children are receiving excellent care and training.Meeting the staff was great pleasure. There is such commitment and compassion was coming through.I wish all of you the very best in every new endeavour you take in future.I’m leaving with tremendous pride in my heart having met all of you.”

Mrs. Neeta Das – Founder and president of Progressive Comprehensive Services LLC USA

“SANKALP has an ability to bring out creativity in specially Privileged individuals by various innovative means and at the same time taking their at most care. I wish SANKALP good luck for its present and future endeavours.I would be happy to continue my association with SANKALP in time to come.”

Gaurang Parikh – Chartered Accountant

“I, Dr.Urjit Bhalani, M.D.Pediatrics, have been attached to Sankalp for about almost 5-6 years now.When I passed my MD,I was approached by Lal uncle if I would be willing to do a regular check up of the students of this charitable trust,without thinking even for a second I confirmed.And I am glad of that decision. Over the years,over the regular checkups,I have observed that the kids have started showing tremendous improvement in terms of nutrition,physical and mental aspects including speech,motor functions and behaviour. The team of Sankalp is always enthusiastic, very concerned and willing to give the best possible care possible to these children,is what I have observed.I feel their never tiring efforts show on the gradual progress reports of these kids and the love these children shower on the teachers at Sankalp. I would congratulate the whole team at Sankalp and wish them all the best to keep continuing these tasks.”

Dr. Urjit Bhalani – Pediatrician

“I have been accocisated, with Sankalp, more then two years from now I really enjoyed teaching and playing with them, loved all the attention and love the kids showerd on me.The whole organisation is very motivational with activities and ideas.Thank you so much team Sankalp.#Keep it up#”

Seema R Thakur

“How do we feel when we see our neighbour’s child growing right from its birth? Don’t we feel very close to that Soul? Exactly same feelings I have for SANKALP. I have seen it growing from the SCRATCH to what it is now” A matured institution performing the noble work for the Society” and that too without making a whole in anybody’s pocket. I have had a golden opportunity to see it from very close. I had seen its collapse too in early 2012.But without any blame game, Dr.Sonalben, Dr.Ronakbhai, Parulben,and the dedicated volunteers like Pravirji, Kumkumji and many others( who are dedicatedly contributing their services) and their whole team really worked very very hard to bring it to the present level.Dear friends, dealing with the mentally challenged in its own self is a CHALLENGE a big challenge. But never ever have I seen a line of dislike or boredom on the teachers’ faces while dealing with them. The pure Love, the whole hearted dedication and the trust in Almighty is the secret of the Sankalp team for transforming the challenged children in to the near to normal citizens of the Nation. I congratulate them all from the bottom of my heart.Nilima Mehta’s Jai Hind.”

Nilima Mehta