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Developmental Disabilities Specialist
Parent Guide Government Benefits Government Orders/ Circulars
Intellectual Disability PEDIATRIC
Dr. Urjita Bhalani
Role of Parents/ Family Health Insurance
Niramaya Health Insurance
User Manual
Cerebral Palsy NEURO Dr. Keyur Buch
FAQ on Epilepsy, Fits/Seizers/ Convulsions
Basic Rules of Handling Indira Gandhi Disability Pension Scheme IGNDPS Rights of persons with disabilities Act 2016
Disability Act 2016
Autism Dr. Ronak Shah
Effectiveness of Homeopathy in Children with special needs
Coping Saint Surdas Scheme SSY Useful orders/ circulars for people with disabilities
Useful Circulars
Asperger’s Syndrome DENTAL Dr. Vishakha Babariya Behaviour Management Assistance for Purchasing Aids and Appliances ADIP
Down Syndrome PHYSIO Dr. Meeta Saxena Importance of Physio therapy for children with special needs Handling Sexuality
Future Planning
Scholarship Scheme Scholarships
Prader Willi Syndrome Nutritional Needs Ms. Fatima Merchant Employment Scheme
ADHD Loan for Business Loans
Speech Disability Certificate References/ Credits Railway Concession Rail Concessions Travel Concessions
Visual Impairment/ Blind Videos
Managing PWS Behaviour
Managing Behaviour-PWS-1
Safe & Unsafe Touch
Bus Concession
Learning Disability Articles Sexuality and Disability Gujarat State Scheme for Persons with Disabilities
Gujarat Schemes