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Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy helps people move with less pain and better control, enabling them to participate more in life and in their communities.

Many of the children coming to SANKALP also need physiotherapy treatment on regular basis to make them strong, active and for improving their physical capacity as an integral part of the child specific holistic rehabilitation program tailored by the experts at SANKALP. Due to various constraints most of these children cannot afford going to private clinics to avail the treatment. Besides, children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder needed sensory integration therapy as a part of their rehabilitation. It was therefore; felt that it will be beneficial for these children if an in house physiotherapy unit with sensory Integration room is setup by the trust at its premises so that the needy children could be provided in-house physiotherapy treatment and sensory integration therapy to autistic children on no cost basis.

A physiotherapy centre was inaugurated at SANKALP on March 17th 2013. An experienced physiotherapist has also been appointed who has started giving treatment to the needy children.

The Physiotherapy centre has also being utilized for providing benefit of treatment on subsidised rates to other needy patents.