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Homeopathy Clinic

Present day competitive life style puts heavy demand on our bodies. In order to achieve success we subject our body to tremendous stress and strain. This is compounded by the fact that the body has to also continuously fight with omnipresent pollution, the air we breathe, fruits/vegetables we eat and the water we drink. Moreover, indiscriminate use of antibiotics and other strong drugs that are resorted so frequently to keep our body going, finally takes its toll on our body. With advent of more powerful medicines, simple diseases of the past are rapidly getting converted into more complex and life-long ailments, eluding all cures. Modernization has no doubt made the human constitution weak and sensitive.

Master Hahnemann in 1796 placed before the medical fraternity the Constitutional (holistic) approach towards diseases. He could convincingly prove that the fundamental cause for all diseases lies within the Man himself. External factors only play the role of exciting and maintaining causes of disease. Thus began an alternative and affordable method of providing treatment.

With an object to serve the masses in health care field by providing homoeopathic treatment to all patients at subsidized rates, Matushree Parsanba Charitable Trust started a charitable clinic in 2006. The main aim of the clinic was to provide holistic treatment to the masses at affordable rates. The clinic provides to all patients free consultation by qualified and experienced doctors and also gives medicines at subsidized rates.