MPC Trust MPC Trust
As per Census 2011, India has about 78,64,636 Differently abled children below the age of 19 years. They need specialized training & rehabilitation plan to live an independent life.
For MPC Trust our Mission is:
To help the suffering humanity by spreading awareness about benefits of cheaper alternative treatment methods that activate natural healing powers of the human body and restore +ve Health and provide them at affordable rates to one and all.
For SANKALP our Mission, Vision, Goal & Core Values are:
To empower mentally challenged/ developmentally disabled children with care, Compassion and love to develop their maximum potential and rehabilitate them in the mainstream of our society to lead an independent life to the extent possible.
Make a fully equipped and largest model school of its kind to provide suitable environment with equal opportunity to at least 200 mentally challenged/developmentally disabled children in the next 2-5 years.
To build value based financially independent institution capable of achieving its mission and fulfill the vision by following a path of honesty & integrity within specified time.
Core Values
  • We are committed to rehabilitate the underprivileged and developmentally disabled children to the best of our ability.
  • We shall consider every child as God’s gift and always handle them with understanding, patience and compassion.
  • We shall treat children with special needs as dignified individuals who have rights to be treated with care and love.
  • We shall always be humane in our approach and shall never use punishment methods for teaching the children.
  • We shall continually review and evaluate our curriculum and change it if required, to suite the need of child.
  • We shall always follow the path of honesty & integrity for achieving our mission.

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